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Master handmade classical guitars

Liuteria luthier union, Timofey Tkach school

The creation of acoustic instruments is a miraculous and fascinating job. A craft that turns into an art, a minute and accurate work and – at the same time – the exciting journey full of challenges and discoveries.

In instrument making I follow the concept that is based upon the experience and achievements of the Classical Spanish School. I should mention several most important figures here. Antonio de Torres Jurado have classified the essential experience of predecessors on the second half of XIX century. It took about hundred years then to bring the guitar design to perfection. The great craftsmen of that transition period were Manuel Ramirez, Domingo Esteso, Santos Hernandez, Herman Hauser Ⅰ among others. On the XX century 50-60th Jose Ramirez Ⅲ and Miguel Rodriguez have completed the guitar evolution.

The essence of the luthier work lies in understanding of the nature of sound formation. One should importantly realize that every musical instrument, in fact, is a complex acoustic object – resonator. Thus it requires thoughtful designing and fine tuning.

My goal is making the firmly highest-class professional instruments of outstanding acoustic qualities. I select the finest materials, do the precise woodworking, apply the step-by-step procedure of soundboard and body tuning to succeed in that job.

I pay particular attention to aesthetics and ergonomics of my instruments. Here I follow the classical traditions of the greatest Spanish luthiers.