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Each musician defines for himself specific goals and tasks. Different playing habits and music styles demands different guitar qualities. Various designs of the instrument solves that matter very well.

Each design features specific bracing arrangement, body rigidity and volume, soundboards tuning, scale length etc. Technical varieties brings respective acoustic nuances that defines one or another instrument design.

During their lifetime musicians like Andres Segovia, Julian Bream, John Williams have used the guitars made by different craftsmen. That happened not because of better or worse execution but because each instrument appeared to be in accordance with their playing individuality.

All of my instruments are custom-made according to client peculiarities to support and emphasize one's personal qualities.

“Herman Hauser Ⅰ” Design

Perhaps, the most widespread design of the classical guitar. Symmetric top bracing configuration. Expressive, rich, melodious timbre is typical. Light and easily controllable sound derivation.

On 1937 Andres Segovia, the Spaniard, have choose the germany-made guitar by Herman Hauser Ⅰ and have performed on it for 15 years. He did it in spite of the powerful and branched spanish school of guitar making. And he could afford any instrument he would like. Hauser have made a new step in guitar evolution on that moment. In 1952 after his death Segovia have declared his instrument the greatest guitar of XX-th century.

“Jose Ramirez Ⅲ” Design

The classical concert guitar. Cypress-rosewood double sides, asymmetric top design, reinforced neck. Increased body rigidity with high soundboards mobility at the same time. That allows the higher efficiency and consequently wider timbre and dynamic ranges. High stiffness of the instrument may require certain performance adaptation.

“Miguel Rodriguez” Design

Another concert guitar design. Asymmetric top bracing, increased body volume. Powerful, bright tone with excellent projection. Typical spanish guitar sound with more power and wider dynamic range. The design is similar to Ramirez design but it is lighter and more flexible.

Flamenco guitar

Traditionally made with cypress back and sides. Symmetric top bracing configuration, rather shallow body, relatively high soundboards tuning. Dry, fast attack and distinct bright tone are ideal for flamenco music.

Acoustic bass-guitar

Modern bass-guitar is a young instrument. It have existed for just around half of a century. The problem of designing a truly sounding acoustic bass have not been solved up to now. The reason of that lies in a practiced approach of building a bass based on western guitar design. That is fundamentally wrong.
I have applied several new constructional solutions in my bass design that allow to achieve the coherence of soundboards along with their low tuning. The size of the body remains relatively not big.


Variety of forms and sizes as well as various number of courses is typical for lutes. That way we may speak of a lute as of a whole plucked musical instruments family.
I employ the original assembly technology along with traditional designs.