31.07.15 Make way for young talents! Close of season, guitar presentation ...

30.07.15 Pictures from the last event ...

22.06.15 Guitar presentation in Alexey Kozlov club ...

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Closing another season. Sunday, Aug 2, meet you in our workshop for presentation. Start at 11:30.

My pleasure to introduce future owner of the new guitar.

Sergey Gudelev (the city of Vladimir) – very young musician, nevertheless gained amount of awards on number of various competitions. Thanks to own talent and work and supervision of his teacher, Alexandr Markov, of course.

Good guitar is necessary deposit to evolution of musician, which importance may hardly be overestimated. It's really joyful to make it in the very beginning of Sergey creative way.

Good luck!


Thanks Pavel Batalin for excellent pictures from last presentation.


I invite guitarists to visit traditional presentation of my new guitar

Meet you tomorrow June 23 in Alexey Kozlov club.

Olimpiyskiy prospekt 16, building 2, small hall on second floor. Start at 18.

Driving directions.


Another guitar is closed today. The work is near its end.


Apr 16 in Frankfurt we had a meeting with representatives of Guitar Salon International (California, USA). GSI – is first-string destributor of classical guitar, presenting works of the most respected and demanded makers of the world for more then 30 years.

We spent about hour and half talking and playing guitar.

I was impressed by David and JohnPaul exceptional professionalism, attentiveness, observation, awareness of guitar history and luthiery questions and, of course, by really unique experience of communication with number of the greatest historical instruments.

Few days ago I've accepted an order to make my first guitar for GSI.

Go on pushing the borders. Next season – from North America to Kamchatka.


My new workshop setting for this summer. It's nice to be away from big city at last. New guitar is on the go.


After last presentation. Vladislav Domogatsky, Tatiana Kurenchakova, Pavel Batalin.


Another guitar is finished. I invite musicians to visit our workshop for traditional presentation. We start at 16. Please contact me if you decide to come.

April 16-17 – several meetings in Germany. Moving the route Frankfurt-Karlsruhe.

April 25-26 – visit to Belgium. I conduct small seminar during the BIG festival in Brussels, meet musicians. The instrument stays in Brussels.


I gladly invite guitarists to take part in presentation of my new guitar next week. Meet you 17:00 Feb 18 in ``La Guitarreria'' salon, 5 Rue d'Edimbourg, 75008 Paris, France.

These events are traditional for our workshop in Moscow and it's a pleasure to take it out. We'll talk, play and listen the guitar in a relaxed atmosphere. See you soon!

I conduct ``home'' presentation in our workshop Sunday, Feb 15 at 17.


Another guitar is closed. Between this and then it's time to tell about some nearest plans.

I continue to push the borders. This guitar will go to Tyumen'. I make presentation in Novosibirsk Conservatory, January 10th.

February 17-20 I visit Belgium and France. Several appointments, presentation in Paris. The guitar will go South of France. I go on deepen cooperation with Europe.

More news later soon.


Small photo-report from my last event. Thanks everyone for coming these days. Great music and communication, I appreciate your attention very much. These meetings give plenty of information and emotions, that really help to go on. Salut!


The season is going to be hot. Many things to tell about, watch the news.

I invite guitarists to play my new ``Hauser'' construction guitar next Sunday at 17. Meet you in our workshop. Please contact me before coming. Welcome!


Next Tuesday, October 14-th I make seminar in Gnesin Academy of Music. We'll talk about Classical Guitar and listen to the instruments.

I invite students and everyone interested to participate. If you don't have a pass, write me to be added to admission list.

We start at 12.


Dear Siberians! I'll spend the rest of the summer in Novosibirsk. Let me know and I'll gladly meet with you!

My contact number here is +7 (913) 740-4721. Moscow number is also available.

See you! My best regards!


I'm pleased to present the new album of Vladislav Domogatsky and Maksim Fedorov ``4 guitar concerts''. The original transcriptions of Vivaldi, Rodrigo and Castelnuovo-Tedesco for guitar and button accordion.

Joyful listening, the music is beautiful. Highly recommended!

All tracks are recorded on one of my guitars. The ``Herman Hauser'' design instrument owned by Vlad since 2013.

Don't hesitate to ask authors for your copy of the CD. the book of transcriptions is also available.


Another season comes to its end! Tomorrow at 19:00 in our Liuteria workshop I will present my new guitar. I invite everyone to come and see the instrument.


I've headed a very non-typical art-project. One of a ``weird gifts'' kind. In spite of all the craziness of the job, the result is – beautiful!


The first student model guitar is almost finished. The traditional presentation is scheduled 17:00, Sunday June 1st. I invite everyone interested in playing the new instrument. Meet you in our Liuteria workshop.

Please repost! Call for details.


What is the first step in making a guitar? Well, you can't start working without the wood anyway!

Selecting woods for guitar soundboard and for all its parts is one of the most important steps of instrument construction as the ceiling of guitar sound qualities is determined by the properties of wood.

In the pictures you can see ebony wood for fretboards, ceder for necks and back bracing, madagascar, indian rosewood for backs and sides, red ceder for tops. One can purchase blanks of material from a specialized wood supplier.

I've checked the whole stock of top category material to select my several sets, picking out, roughly speaking, 10 sets from 100. A number of criteria allows to select the best of the best.

In the workshop the material is sorted and stacked interlaid with thin wooden rods. That allows the fresh wood to dry evenly.


I've returned from a business trip visiting Kazan, Paris, Brussels and Madrid.

In Kazan I gave a master-class during ``The Cup of Five'' festival-competition. Thanks to the organizers for their hospitality!

In France and Belgium we had several business meetings as well as meetings with musicians, students and professors of conservatories. Finally the guitar I took with me stayed in Brussels. The next trip is scheduled on autumn.

Visited Madrid on my way back to fulfill the wood supplies. The catch is delivered to the workshop – three boxes of excellent materials. ¡Viva España!


On Thursday, April 24 at 19:00 there will be a presentation of my new ``Herman Hauser Ⅰ'' design guitar. Everyone is invited to see the instrument. It is my pleasure to meet you in our Liuteria workshop!

I plan a small expansion with that instrument:

-April 26 I'll present it after my master-class on ``The Cup of Five'' festival-competition in Kazan.

-April 29 and May 2 I'll present it in two Paris conservatories.

See you on the road!


Small photo-report from the last event. Thanks everyone for music and support!


I started varnishing my new guitar. The work is close to its finish. I invite guitar players to test the new instrument!

The presentation is scheduled 19:00 Tuesday March 11. Please contact me if you decide to come.

March 12 the guitar will leave to Novosibirsk. Siberians! If you feel interested seeing it, let me know and I'll help to arrange this.

``Miguel Rodriguez'' design, ceder top, madagascar rosewood back & sides.


The parcel with premium class tuning machines for my future guitars has arrived from Japan. So beautiful it's hard to tear your eyes off it. And if you just touch it...


The fragment of January 19th presentation. Dmitry Nilov plays Bach. ``Herman Hauser'' design guitar.


The final stage of guitar construction before applying the varnish is finish cut of the head, neck, beveling corners.

The main instrument used for finish cut is knife. To obtain a clear flowing line the sharpest edge and firm hand are required!

Traditional French polish varnishing process is complex. You'll need the shellac varnish, tripoli, oil, various sized tampons to proceed.

Presentation of the new guitar will be held on Sunday, Jan. 19, 18:00 at our Liuteria workshop.

I invite musicians to play and listen the new ``Hauser'' design guitar.